Proficiency and Final Exam in Canvas for High School

Please email Ed Casey with any questions or to discuss in person, stop by the HS library any time M/T/Th/F and Wed afternoons with your questions.

Starting this year (2023-2024) in Canvas, both Proficiency grades (if applicable for your course) and Final Exam grades need to be recorded in Canvas’ gradebook. To help achieve this, distinct grading periods have been created that contain specific assignments to record these grades. You may give your Proficiency or Final Exam in any manner that you want, but the grade(s) need to be recorded on a 0-100 scale using these designated Canvas assignments.

The new grading periods are defined as, please adjust your assignments if the dates shown below don't appear as the due dates on your assignments:

S1 Proficiency                                     S1 Final Exam
Starts: Jan 20, 2024                         Starts: Jan 21, 2024
Ends: Jan 20, 2024                           Ends: Jan 21 2024

You will see these in your course as Canvas Assignment Groups like this.

To view these assignments in your Canvas gradebook, you will need to change the gradebook view to see the specific grading period.

Select your course, choose Grades from the course navigation to view your gradebook.  In the gradebook, choose the Apply Filters button, then Grading Periods, then the grading period you want to work in or view.
Note: All assignments need to have a Due Date to align them to their correct grading period. If you notice an semester assignment(s) is in the Proficiency or Final Exam grading period, please enter a corrected date for that assignment(s).

FAQ’s and/or Caveats

  • What if I don’t have a Proficiency/Final Exam for my course?
    If a Proficiency/Final Exam is not required for your course, you can ignore the assignment altogether, however please don’t have any other assignment/homework/etc. with a Due Date in either of the Proficiency or Final Exam grading periods.
    *** Canvas Quirk *** If you have an assignment that does not have a Due Date, that assignment will automatically be included in the last grading period of the semester.

  • I created my own assignment, can I use that instead?
    It may be best to add grades to the pre-made assignment, but if you decide not to do that:
    1. Please ensure that the Name, Date, and Points value are standardized:
           Name: Semester 1 Proficiency
           Date: Jan 20, 2024 (the Due Date)
           Points: 100
           Name: Semester 1 Final Exam
           Date: Jan 21, 2024 (as the Due Date)
           Points: 100
    2. Please ensure that the Proficiency assignment is in the S1 Proficiency assignment Group
      • Please ensure that there is only one published assignment in this group
    3. Please ensure that the Final Exam assignment is in the S1 Final Exam assignment Group
      • Please ensure that there is only one published assignment in this group