Copy machine instructions

Using the new BPS Copy Machines

Logging in:

Find the white icon below the START button to swipe your FOB (image on left) 

DO NOT USE phone icon (image on right) 


Click YES when this screen appears

Enter your Barrington Google username and password

This screen will appear once you are authenticated, now use the FOB to log in...

You will now see this screen

Choose a print option:

  • Print release:  means you have sent a document to the printer (easy instructions below)
  • Device functions:  just regular printing like you are used to
  • Scan:  you have a hard copy that you want to scan
    • Printer will give you the option to scan to your email OR your google docs

IMPORTANT : Once done - make sure you log out - located on top right of the screen

Print to the copy machine:

From your doc, click file, print, change, search for this printer- Find-Me-PaperCut

Click print - you can go to ANY copier, once you log in (or use your FOB) you can retrieve your document.  You would select the Print Release option to retrieve 


  • Once authenticated on a copier (use FOB and log in) your FOB will work on any copier in the DIstrict!

  • Once done, your FOB can be used to copy .

  • You are at the copy machine and don’t have your FOB , that’s ok, you can log into the copy machine with your Barrington Google username and password.