Google Drive

Google Drive Training 

  • Drive vs. Docs
    • Office Docs are stored locally/physically or on a network
    • Google drive is stored “in the cloud” in other words on a google server
  • Uploading your h drive to your google drive
    • From google drive, click new, file upload - or new, folder upload
    • Find the files you want to upload and double click them - files may be stored on your desktop, H:drive
  • What format will word or excel docs be in google
    • Your word or excel documents will always remain in that format however you cannot edit them in word or excel 
    • When opening a word or excel doc in google it will automatically convert to a google doc or google sheets, however the office documents will remain in that format
  • Creating a google doc
    • New, google doc, sheet, form, etc.
    • It saves automatically
    • naming it
  • Google Drive
    • organizing docs
    • Create folders - file new folder
    • Moving documents into folders in Drive
      • Click the forward arrow on the left side of My Drive, all your files and folders will expand.  You can drag files from the list on the right to a folder on the left column or vice versa

Sharing docs using gmail OR copying and pasting the link

  • Enter the recipients name to email them the doc OR
  • Click Get shareable link, copy the link and paste it in an email

Changing who can open a shared doc, click the Advanced button

  • Public on the web or Anyone with the link - would be shared with anyone outside of - parents or anyone without a account

Sharing the doc using the link and hyperlinking a word to the link

  • Copy the link to the document in the share properties
  • Open up your email, type a message
  • Highlight a word that you want the recipient to click on that opens the google doc

Highlight the words click here or whatever words you want, then click the hyperlink icon (it looks like a chain link) next to the smiley face

Paste the link in the Web Address box, you can even “test the link” 

Click ok and send