Grades: Canvas to Aspen

Note if you plan on manually entering Canvas grades directly into Aspen, it's important that:

  • All scores are entered in the “Post Column Term”
  • You only click the “POST”button, NOT “Update Post Columns” .  You are posting directly from what you manually entered.

Please make sure that your Canvas gradebook is updated.

  • Each assignment/homework should have a Graded Value entered, or an entry of Missing, ExcusedLate

Quarter grades are retrieved from the Canvas course Total column for the quarter that is ending. The Canvas grade will transferred to Aspen as an Assignment named for the corresponding quarter, as in the image below.

CanvasQ1 = Quarter 1
CanvasQ2 = Quarter 2
CanvasQ3 = Quarter 3
CanvasQ4 = Quarter 4

Remember that Incomplete's (I) and Medicals (MED) must be approved by School Counseling and/or Administration.

Once you have reviewed and finalized your grades, set the Grade Columns option to Post Columns - Term.

The pushpin for the column will be Green.
Now, click Update Post Columns, selecting the appropriate Grade Term from the drop-down menu and click Next.

On the following screen titled “Choose Update Values”, select Average:Canvas Q1 from the drop-down menu and click Next. (These actions now move grades from the assignment grade into the Post Column.)

Now click the Post Grades button and you'll see a pop-up window, where you will see your class name.
Ensure the correct Grade Term is selected and that Grades to post option is set to “Term grades for all students” and click OK.

The pushpin will turn Red, and you are done!