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Staff WiFi/Private address

Please log into the BPS WiFi network using password bps02806 Make sure to turn private address off: Turn private address off or on for a network In some cases, a network might not allow devices with a private address to join, or the device can join but the network won't allow any further access. ...

Printing - Windows

If you have a Windows device, please install any printers that you wish to use.    - Please type - "\ BPS-Print" in the "Run" box and press the "Enter" key  - You will see a list of available printers http://helpdesk.barringtonschools...

Copy machine instructions

Using the new BPS Copy Machines Logging in: Find the white icon below the START button to swipe your FOB (image on left)  DO NOT USE phone icon (image on right)

Printing - Chromebooks

To Print:  - Click on the Printer icon  - Click on the drop-down arrow next to "Save as PDF"  - Select "See More"  - You will see a list of the available printers in your building.  Select one and click on "Print". You should see a new green icon in your Chromebook's shelf (tray at the bottom of ...

Youtube restricted

YOUTUBE Restricted mode on? Follow this tip to turn it off… 1. Go to YOUTUBE 2. Click on your Google Icon at the far right of the screen, a drop-down will appear, click the Restricted Mode on the arrow. (you must be logged in to account) 3. Turn Restricted mode to ...

Staff personal devices on WiFi

If you would like to utilize a personal device on the school network, please fill out the following form: (

Google Drive

Google Drive Training  Drive vs. Docs Office Docs are stored locally/physically or on a network Google drive is stored “in the cloud” in other words on a google server Uploading your h drive to your google drive From google drive, click new, file upload - or new, folder upload Find the files you ...

Chromebook Troubleshooting Guide (